Nature’s Warm Embrace by Eirlys Chui

Night has come.
The wind sends a chill through the air
The moon casts deep shadows as
The darkness creeps as close as it dares
Look there.
Do you see the silhouettes of the lost?

The forest is alive.
An owl hoots and stares with its beady eyes
A wolf lets out a mournful bay
A thousand more creatures, from the darkness rise
Now listen.
Do you hear the cries of the lonely?

You need not be afraid tonight.
The trees keep watch over the land of wheat and rye
The morning glory is steadfast in its nightly vigil
The breeze hums a soft and soothing lullaby
Sleep soundly this night, for you are safe
Tucked into nature’s warm embrace.


-Read more of Eiryls Chui’s poetry here.


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