Call for Submissions

The Rosette Maleficarum is proud to announce that we will be accepting submissions for Issue #2. The theme is “Enchantment.”

Of course, while Disney can, indeed, be charming, we all know they don’t tell the full story. From Cinderella’s bloody toes to the Prince Charming abandonment, to even Sleeping Beauty’s eternal slumber, there’s a dark, magical quality to these stories, all of which this journal will fully exploit. As such, we will accept short stories, poetry, and prose that pertain to this theme.

Like the first journal, I will be accepting submissions starting from March 1st to April 15th. In order to submit, type in the subject line “Enchantment.” Please send all submissions to

For those who are accepted into the second issue, I will send them a PDF copy of “Enchantment”, as well as include their works as apart of the online journal. For those who didn’t quite make the cut, their works will still be included in this journal.


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