death-metal aesthetics by Sudeep Adhikari

A vehicle made of skin and sweat,

where you can smell heartbreaks,

dreams and perversions like a bad-breathe.

I overheard two pale kids, probably

too much of weed, cheap alcohol and pills

talking how lead vocalist of death

metal bands are

god gifted to have such badass screams.


I was minding my own business, but

could not stop thinking that

all they sing about, is the macabre of death

and it is not a bit frightening compared to

horror of a worn-out girl,

just standing by their side, carrying

her malnutrioned kid on her emaciated hip,

while her husband is probably waiting

on a death-penalty in some far-off castles of

gold and sand. I made a wild guess, seeing

the convexes of her contagious

sadness transfixed at remotest nothings.


Besides, the sweet oxymoron

of death-metal; that keeps screaming

the glory of satan, has to gifted by god

for a vocal that sounds as if

someone is throwing up on a tarpaulin sheet.


I forgot to buy some grocery

on the way home. Aesthetics of death-metal

is too much to keep a pace.


-Find out more about Sudeep here.


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