Barbara Hunt

Barbara E. Hunt is a dry-eyed nostalgic who writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction and screenplay from her home in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. She’s had work published in literary journals, anthologies and magazines across North America, had The Patternmaker’s Crumple Plan published in 2011 and has a poetry/colouring book, Devotions forthcoming in November 2017.


loiters on the beach, its beak tucked

watchful as grandfather, boys

cascade their lines in frothing brine


old teaching young to use

weight and tension to advantage

while patience prays


a catch into red buckets

edging ever closer as boys elbow

rods and sleeves together


gathering salt-baked sightlines;

while shifting focus to the bigger picture

patience holds firm to those sand dunes


big wings braided back;

its maw clamped in determination


The lifelong mates cloaked all in black

glide through inverted treetops

mirrored across the satin surface

slick as glass


while long-necked neighbours corral

their scattered brood

into unruly chevrons

too close for comfort.


He guides her down the bay

warbling his displeasure


at damned intensification;

at changes to their modern world.


Those listless limbs lay chalked pale
as savannah dust
and cradle a lolling head
curved pebble-round
and smooth.

The small, pink tongue can’t wet lips between bleats
and mews. Before lids droop their final curtain,
flies drone in staunch vigil
spiral, dive,
scrape tiny feet on shards of
tearducts’ rimmed mirage.

Ghost eyes grow larger, dimmer
like the ever-expanding

-Featured in Issue #1