Cristiane Vieira de Farias

Cristiane Vieira de Farias or Morphine Epiphany was born in 1987. Brazilian writer. Graduated in Production of Electronic Music. She was published Avessa, Subversa, and LiteraLivre, Criticartes. She was also a finalist in the following competitions: I Concurso de micropoesía Palabra tras palabra, I concurso de poesía El color del invierno, I Concurso de micronarrativa Mirando hacia delante, I Concurso de micropoesía Mirando hacia delante. Her book of poetry ”Distorções” was published in 2015.

Mother Earth and the Sacrificed Territories
In a torrent, Mother Nature was furious.
Murderers axes and trees in pieces,
all the fluency of its rivers, condemned to waste
all the purified smell of the atmosphere, pollution.

In a revolted storm, Mother Nature was angry.
Hearts of the animals have been achieved by death,
all your home, devastated by their feet and hands of the brutality human
all your kind in constant decline, ruins in the forest.

In excessive hurricane, Mother Nature and the violence.
Perfect trips and woods already decimated,
all the landscape created by ungrateful sons, ambitious
all the proud earth, in war, sacrificed territories.