Eirlys Chui

Nature’s Warm Embrace
Night has come.
The wind sends a chill through the air
The moon casts deep shadows as
The darkness creeps as close as it dares
Look there.
Do you see the silhouettes of the lost?

The forest is alive.
An owl hoots and stares with its beady eyes
A wolf lets out a mournful bay
A thousand more creatures, from the darkness rise
Now listen.
Do you hear the cries of the lonely?

You need not be afraid tonight.
The trees keep watch over the land of wheat and rye
The morning glory is steadfast in its nightly vigil
The breeze hums a soft and soothing lullaby
Sleep soundly this night, for you are safe
Tucked into nature’s warm embrace.

Take a Vow
You hurry about your day
Too busy, too occupied to take a pause
But when you’re not looking
Nature pays attention.

You rush to your next destination
The wind barely making a sound in your ears
But when you’re not hearing
Nature is listening.

Nature gives you every breath you take
Provides you with a home
Endows you with life
Bestows you with beauty.

Now it’s your turn to take a vow
When you open your eyes and ears
You make a promise to nature
I will protect, and save, and serve.

A New Day

In the moments between midnight and morning
It is silent at first, as though nature still sleeps.
All is calm and quiet, for even the air has not awoken.
The sun slowly slips from its soft slumber,
Its vibrant rays reach out, warm and radiant.
Drops of dew gleam on the delicate dahlias.

Nature knows it is time to nudge the world awake.
Branches stretch and yawn, prepared to greet the day.
The scent of clovers and calla lilies coax the critters out
And at last, the first twitters of birds sound through the trees,
Squirrels scurry this way, deer scamper that way.
A soft breeze brushes by, and a new day has begun.


-Featured in Issue #1