Jenny Keto

Swimming Lessons

Shallow strokes of breath

like a girl looking for a place

to put her feet along this deep, deep sea.


If only her heavy freight

would stop flailing for air

panting for a foothold in the sky.


If only she would stop and hold

her breath-chords long enough to hear

the song of His sea in her sigh.


If only the near whispers He drifted

to and from her ears, stayed instead.


She would feel Him bathe her tears,


Leave salt seeds soft on cheeks

and keep every molecule of her muffled sadness

dissolved in an Ocean of silence.


She would feel a new

weightless groundling

hug Her composure


And lift Her to the lip

where the sea meets the sky

and let Her kiss the air


With the tongue of Her

undulating stride, and walk

without feet to some horizon


She may never meet.

Strange Pilgrims

descending evening           tandem hands hers in his

wrists watch up to the moon’s evensong gleam

two firefly shudders scattered along this dusk night

as two strangers           circumnavigate           their musk sight


finding foothold as fingerprints glissade moontower trails he sees

a sand dollar pond empty, polished white dry dust for her to rest

her head on creek bed cracks           they skirr eyes skyward

breathe awe this moonstone man’s blood far above


his wistful wink requiem eclipse, as they lay supine

eyes glistening, listening to sibilant grass whisper

what wind circulates,           translations from man

moon cascades, sound emanates earth ancient


thrush, seep deep into strange pilgrim skin

and sing thrum his heart strange drum

beats his kairos chant caress until

he and she concentric kiss along


man’s strange pilgrim song