José Duarte

José Duarte teaches North-American Cinema and Cultural Geography of the United States at the School of Arts and Humanities (University of Lisbon) and is a researcher at ULICES – University Lisbon Centre for English Studies. He’s published two book for children, five poetry books and co-edited the bilingual anthology Natural in Verso (Mariposa Azual, 2015). His poems have also appeared in journals like These Fragile Lilacs or Lehigh Valley Vanguard.


Time and space and

body were the very things

that brought us together;

the telephone wires

by which we communicated.

But nature never plays

exactly the same tune twice.

I look up the night sky.

No doubt, the explanation

is simple enough

the faces of those we

know best with so

many expressions

cancel her voice.


The constant impact of something

very close and intimate

all the time resistant – in a word,


Today all that time

shattered the image of

all these things once I


How can I hope?

Slowly, quietly,

snow-flakes –

little flakes of me

begin to fall again.

What’s left?

A corpse, a memory, a ghost.

All mockeries or horrors.

As if I wanted to fall in love.