Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Juliegh Howard-Hobson’s writing has appeared in Mandragora (Scarlett Imprint), Daughter of the Sun ( Bibliotheca Alexandria), History is Dead (Permuted Press), Loving The Undead (From The Asylum), Black Sails (1018 Press), Black Box (Brimstone Books), Lost Innocence Anthology (Niteblade)Return of the Raven (Horror Bound), It Lives (RuneWright), You Don’t Know What You’ve Got–Tales of Loss and Dispossession (Gryphonwood), Bewildering Stories, Champagne Shivers, Sein und Werden, The Liar’s League,  The Locust, Danse Macabre, , Enchanted Conversation, Heathen Call, Northern TraditionsIdunna, Hex Magazine, New Witch, Alebrijes, Atavic Poetry Journal, Silver Blade, Song of Eretz Review,  Itch Journal (special Taboo Issue), Panoplyzine, Postcard Poems and Prose, Scarlet Literary Journal and Riddled With Arrows, along with many other places both on and off line. She is also a Million Writers Award “Notable Story” writer, and has been nominated for both the “Best of the Net” and the Pushcart Prize (twice for the Pushcart!), and has been shortlisted for the Morton Marr and the Angels and Devils Poetry Prize (Holland Park Press). She edited the Arêtes Vakreste Boker award winning collection, Undertow. She is a former Assistant Poetry Editor of Able Muse as well as a Predators and Editor’s top ten finisher (single poem). Her fourth and most recent formal poetry collection is Remind Me (Ancient Cypress Press).


Should You Come Upon a Dead Raven 

Should you come upon a dead raven, it’s

Only right to bury nine coins before

You take it. For magickal purposes.

Never tell anyone you have it. More

Mundanely, it’s against the law as well.

Say the feathers are from a black chicken.

And the feet, too. No need to have to tell

The truth. The feathers can curse a person

If you use boiling water, seventeen

Black candles and the victim’s photograph.

Dry and use the feet for your protection:

Carry them in a flannel bag along with

Red brick dust, lightning struck wood, silver dimes

(Three’s best) passed though sweet grass smoke seven times.


Advice to Snow White on Surviving Her First Night as a Runaway… 

Here in the heavy darkness where the ghosts

Feel most at home, other creatures always

Are. Don’t you sense them? Doesn’t it almost

Crawl with their presence here in this black place

That is not quite forest, not quite woods…just

Trees spaced across meadows long left to time?

They will be active until morning. Trust

Nothing that you see after sunset. Climb

No wall, step over no brook, never stop

To look around you. Never reach. Things will

Reach back that have no fingers. Do not drop,

Do not trip, do not wait, do not heed shrills

Shrieks wails soft touches—they will fall away

As the darkness fades at the edge of day.