Mary Anne Zammit

Mary Anne is a graduate from the University of Malta in Social Work, in Probation Services, in Diplomatic Studies and in Masters in Probation. Mary Anne has also obtained a Diploma in Freelance and Feature Writing from the London School of Journalism. Mary Anne paints, writes poetry, novels and articles both in Maltese and in English. Marie Anne is the author of three fiction books in Maltese, and is the author of Id-Dell ta’ l-Eżmeraldi and Ir-Raġel l-Iswed.

My Dream of Earth
I see the earth as a beautiful woman carrying the sea
in her eyes.
She paints sensuality, sings an eternal song,
and dances on ivory sands.
I see strings of pearls cover her soft white breasts.
Opening doorways to the truth.
Her body is a land of flowers, ever green fields.
Giving birth to hope.
And she will look at us tonight, instilling silence
deep within our souls.
Along the Moon and Night protecting us.
My dream.

-Featured in Issue #1.


Cry to the Forest
A forest without life
is like the sun without rays.
A sea without waves.
But how I want to see you green again.
My heart will then reside on the trees
and light pours over the petals of my heart.
I see the forest gleaming like a woman,
seducing nature with your charm
But now the trees are telling me that they are under threat.
That a hunter came and used them
and soon they will be destroyed.
My heart cries in silence
as tears fall
the trees will be gone.