Sandy Hiss

Sandy Hiss writes poetry and fiction. Her first novel, a gothic fantasy, The Rosegiver, was republished in October 2017. Her paranormal novelette, The Haunting of Meredith, was published in  August 2017.  Sandy’s always been intrigued by haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, forests, gardens, and abandoned buildings. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. Sandy can be reached at her personal blog: or on Goodreads.

During daylight
I watch the sheep ramble by
dressed in pity black
and white pearls
“baah” bounces off cold marble
like dinner bells
for hungry crows
and loose threads of wool
tangle with weak petals
cultivating a garden overgrown
with black roses
dripping death from each thorn

My used tongue longs
for a taste of the spirit
having dried out centuries ago
where even the sky’s spit
could not quench my thirst

So I sit in silence
perched atop a pedestal
erected by leather hands
and feather hearts

I never asked to be the guardian
where everything is dusty
and the crack of bones
make me cringe
like the bend of brittle branches
caught in the fury of
Autumn’s red wind

My stone skin wants to
soften and crumble
at the sound of pained cries
and when a lamb
looks up at me
with eyes drenched in love
I cannot say a word
I can only wrap my cold wings
around its frozen heart
suddenly we both feel

warm again

-This poem has been published in Illumen, Spring 2008

Flutter House
Secreted in her house of wild roses,
poetry, and thickets of pearly bone
she cautiously opens the front door
under a painted sky ever violet and veiled.

There is birdsong not her own,
unfamiliar the music enchants,
shakes the sturdy walls she built;
her back bending like a broken tree.

The corridors to her heart
a labyrinth of quiet and strange musings.
Solve the riddle and you may stay.
There are unwritten songs to be sung,

splayed on the surface of a burnt tongue.